Energy & Mineral Law Foundation 40th Annual Institute

10 June 2019   Washington, D.C.   2:15 - 3:00 P.M.  
Washington, D.C. partners Barry Hartman and Andrew Wright will be presenting on the following topic:

The Subpoenas are Coming! The Effect of Congressional Investigations on Private Companies

The Democratic Party recently took control of the U.S. House of Representatives and has promised an agenda of investigations and oversight. Although the majority is slim, Democrats now chair committees, determine which investigations to pursue and hearings to hold,, and wield subpoena power. Given the opposition to the Trump administration’s revision or reduction of regulations pertaining to the oil and gas industry, it is almost inevitable that oil and gas companies will be swept up into oversight investigations. As a result, companies should proactively implement strategies that will prevent them from becoming collateral damage.

This proposed topic and presentation will survey (i) the possibilities for parallel agency or enforcement based investigations to accompany congressional investigations, (ii) the reputational, regulatory, or criminal risk that could result from ill-prepared testimony before Congress, and (iii) the political nature of congressional investigations, including strategies to avoid being targeted or skillfully navigating the investigation successfully. Historical and current investigation examples and practitioner experience will be utilized.

Energy & Mineral Law Foundation 40th Annual Institute

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