Brexit Q&A Conference Call (9)

30 November 2017       Presenters: Piers Coleman, Michelle Moran, Jennifer P.M. Marsh

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The most recent edition of the K&L Gates Brexit Q&A call took place at a critical time in the Brexit negotiations with the UK and EU addressing key points on the terms of exit. Primary areas covered in the recording of this discussion include:

  • Branch-back arrangements in the financial services sector and the sensitivities around regulatory arbitrage with regard to relocation.
  • Letterbox arrangements and the differing ways separate EU states may treat this.
  • Perspectives on the banking and financial services sector and how organisations are looking to adapt to a new post-Brexit environment.
  • The UK perspective on Brexit negotiations - the updated divorce bill and the accounting principles underlying the payment, EU citizens rights, the Irish border, and moving forward with a transition deal on trade.
  • A "Hard Brexit" - falling back on the WTO rules. A reflection on the position of some Brexiteers that the UK would be best off walking away from the negotiation table.
  • The established WTO rules for goods; looking at the complexities of trade tariffs and how these change in accordance with each sector. Concerns around the less well-established WTO rules for services - a key UK export.
  • The EU angle - clarity on the rights of EU and UK citizens, the divorce bill providing momentum to negotiations, the border in Ireland, and the effects of the current political climate in Germany on the agreement.
  • A hypothetical discussion on the implications of a collapse of the current UK government and the effect this may have on the direction Brexit talks.

We invite you to send questions to our multidisciplinary Brexit European Advisory Group on any issues that may be unclear or causing concern.

Brexit Q&A Conference Call (9)