Portability Considerations from a GIPS® and SEC Perspective

23 April 2013       Presenters: Michael S. Caccese

In the current global marketplace for mergers, acquisitions, and consolidation of investment management firms, portability and definition of the firm are two key focus areas that firms need to consider from both a GIPS and an SEC perspective. On April 23rd  Mike Caccese, Partner with K&L Gates and Justin Guthrie, Partner with ACA Beacon Verification Services discussed case studies of the following topics:

  • Portability requirements from a GIPS and SEC perspective
  • Re-definition of the firm considerations
  • Selection of surviving composites and track records
  • Meeting record-keeping requirements
  • Continuity of track record considerations
  • Considerations for lift outs vs. acquisitions
  • Marketing and performance advertising implications

To view a recording of this webinar, please click here.

Portability Considerations from a GIPS® and SEC Perspective

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