COVID-19 Safety: Legal Considerations of Return to Work Scenarios

9 June 2020       Presenters: April Boyer

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Lawyers at K&L Gates are working closely with clients across all sectors on how to handle the legal and business impacts of the COVID-19 crisis and navigate the transition to reopening. As businesses prepare to reopen, reintegrate employees into the workplace, and interact with customers and visitors, companies may need assistance and guidance on moving into the next normal.

This webinar explores business risk and legal considerations for return to work scenarios as businesses restart operations in the COVID-19 environment. K&L Gates and ABS Group highlight collaborative solutions for clients, including practical guidance using the Restart Risk Model™ and the K&L Gates Return to Work Guidelines for revisiting existing policies and/or creating new policies associated with disease transmission risk.

Key Takeaways
  • Share perspectives on the legal landscape of employer responsibilities for companies returning to work
  • Provide practical guidance on how to implement key workplace guidelines addressing employee health and safety
  • Discuss risk mitigation strategies and explore the overlay of the Restart Risk Model for companies reopening for business
  • April Boyer, Partner, K&L Gates
  • Matt Mowrer, Director, Product Development and Innovation Center, ABS Group

COVID-19 Safety: Legal Considerations of Return to Work Scenarios