Cybersecurity and Cyber Insurance: It Can Happen Here

May 2017       Presenters: James E. Scheuermann

Reports of high-profile cyberattacks make headlines almost every day. The headlines confirm the reality that cyberattacks are occurring globally with unprecedented frequency, sophistication, and scale. Statistics on one form of cyber risk -- data breaches -- over the past several years should be a wake up call to corporate entities to reevaluate their cyber exposures and the technologies and tools they are using to manage them.
Especially for small and midmarket companies cyber risk represents significant business and legal exposures. These companies often lack the resources or expertise to contain and manage their internal and external cyber threats. Internal threats include employee negligence, lack of employee training, employees’ falling for business email compromise schemes and phishing scams, and misconduct by discontented employees.. Externally, companies must be aware of the risks posed by criminal hackers, State actors, and hactivists. Cyber-physical attacks by external actors, while not as well-publicized as data breaches, pose substantial risk to virtually all corporations, large and small.
This webinar explores these and other topics: 

  • Cybersecurity:  A Company-wide Risk, from Top to Bottom
    • What Are the Risks
    • Cybersecurity Is Not Just a CIO or CISO Challenge
    • Non-Technical Solutions to Cybersecurity Challenges
  • Cyber Insurance Coverage -- the Policyholder’s Perspective
    • Do You Need It?
    • Cyber-risk Coverage Under “Traditional” and Cyber Policies
  • Cyber Insurance Coverage -- the Broker’s Perspective
    • The Current and Future Cyber Insurance Market
    • Pricing, Carriers
    • The Application Process

This 90-minute webinar features insights from the following speakers:

James E. Scheuermann, Partner, K&L Gates
Kip Boyle, Founder, President and CEO, Cyber Risk Opportunities
Christopher Keegan, Senior Managing Director, Beecher Carlson  

Cybersecurity and Cyber Insurance: It Can Happen Here

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