From Influencer Marketing to Biometric Technologies

The second program in our "Facing the Future of Luxury and Fashion" webinar series

The webinar explores the latest developments in influencer, online, mobile and retail marketing on the U.S. and European markets as well as the legal impact of biometric technology in light of recent regulations.

Our panelists address:

  • Influencer Marketing and how it is impacted by recent regulations such as GDPR, and update on Influencer Marketing regulations or best practices in specific European jurisdictions such as Italy
  • The environment for online, mobile and retail Marketing across Europe under GDPR, including:
    • Special concepts under German law and peculiarities of the German data protection
    • Anticipated сonsequences of Brexit on GDPR and the PECRs reforms
  • The US and EU legal landscapes for biometric data protection

Please be on the lookout for invitations to further webinars in this series which will cover:

Global Ethical Supply Chain - September
IP / Trademarks and Designs
Financing / Refinancing
Commercial Contracts

From Influencer Marketing to Biometric Technologies