K&L Gates Triage: When the Feds Come Knocking on Your Door

14 February 2019       Presenters: Michael D. McKay, Carla M. DewBerry
In this episode, Michael McKay and Carla DewBerry discuss the practical implications of responding to an investigative inquiry by governmental officials. In particular, entities that find themselves as the subject of a potential investigation should be prepared to cooperate as needed with any governmental inquiries while retaining the rights of any affected employees or patients.

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If you work in the health care industry, you have grown accustomed to frequent changes in laws and regulations. On some days, it may seem like an insurmountable task to keep up with every change, especially as a new presidential administration and new policies take shape.

The K&L Gates Health Care Practice will regularly create Triage podcasts to help you learn about the latest developments in health law. Our lawyers will identify the most important changes and analyze the impact of these changes on our clients.

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K&L Gates Triage: When the Feds Come Knocking on Your Door

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