Top 5 Tips to Minimise Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

26 April 2018       Presenters: Lucy Shanahan

Labour, Employment and Workplace Safety special counsel, Lucy Shanahan, shares her top five tips to minimise sexual harassment in the workplace. 

As employers we want to ensure that we can provide a positive and safe place for our employees to work. Creating a workplace that is free from harassment and discrimination encourages productivity and a positive workplace.

So what are the 5 most important things Businesses should do to minimise sexual harassment in the workplace?

  1. Clarify your expectations - this means ensuring that you have a clear policy which sets out what is expected of staff. Make sure that your policies are accessible an applied across the workplace.
  2. Train your staff - it is not enough to have a policy, or even get staff to acknowledge the policy at induction. It needs to be a live document, subject to regular review, and staff at every level need to receive regular training.
  3. Ensure senior staff act appropriately - all managers need to understand the need to model appropriate behaviour. Ensure managers have the tools to manage issues that arise in their teams and understand what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.
  4. Act consistently and deal with matters promptly - business are obliged to deal with alleged unlawful conduct. Make sure that there is a procedure in place so that matters can be dealt with promptly in a confidential and impartial manner.
  5. Create a positive culture - remove offensive material, ensure all staff are aware of your expectations and make sure you monitor that staff are acting appropriately. All employees have a role to play in developing and encouraging a positive workplace culture free of harassment.

Follow these five simple steps, and you'll be well on your way to making sure you have a positive and productive workplace.

Top 5 Tips to Minimise Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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