Brussels Regulatory Brief 2018 - A Year in Review

K&L Gates is pleased to present its “Regulatory Brief 2018: a Year in Review”, which highlights significant EU regulatory and antitrust matters and developments over the past year and includes a diverse collection of articles from our Brussels practitioners.

These articles address important industry and regulatory trends. This edition covers important multidisciplinary topics including EU antitrust and competition issues, EU financial services developments as well as EU internal market trends in the transportation, consumer protection, energy, security and technology sectors. It also contains a specific section reporting on international trade and Brexit.

As we publish this edition, the EU takes stock of the events of this past year and looks forward to 2019.

The New Year 2019 starts afresh with the first Romanian presidency of the Council of the European Union and the May 2019 European Parliament elections and political challenges to follow. This year started with general uncertainty towards the implications of the imminent Brexit. To address these challenges and succeed in these fast changing times, businesses need to be prepared to deal with legal issues involving new policy and regulation as well as government enforcement. In this context, K&L Gates is strategically positioned to assist clients in dealing effectively with complex issues.

We hope that you will find our “Regulatory Brief 2018: a Year in Review” to be a useful resource. If you have any questions, our EU Regulatory Team would be pleased to assist.

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Brussels Regulatory Brief 2018 - A Year in Review