Energy Storage Handbook Vol. 3

6 December 2018       Authors: Buck B. Endemann, Elizabeth C. Crouse, David P. Hattery, Elias B. Hinckley, William H. Holmes, William M. Keyser, Stan Lewandowski, Michael L. O'Neill, Charles H. Purcell, Elizabeth Thomas, Eric D. Jay,  Nicholas Nahum, Kristen A. Berry, Benjamin L. Tejblum, James R. Wrathall

The power practice has updated the popular resource, the Energy Storage Handbook.

Designed as a basic primer on what energy storage is, how it is regulated and what sorts of issues are encountered when such projects are financed and developed, the Handbook is intended to highlight the most common regulatory and developmental issues faced by our clients and the industries we serve.

New in Version 3.0

To view Version 3.0 of the Energy Storage Handbook, please click here.

Energy Storage Handbook Vol. 3

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